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    Did you know that over 15 million people in the UK are disabled? 13.7 million of those individuals are over 65 years old. It can be challenging for them to get to their appointments since they don’t have reliable transportation. Unless you or a close friend or family member is disabled, you might not even realise how tricky it can be to find private transport for disabled individuals.

    That’s where Care Safe Mobility comes in. We’re the leading provider of disability transport services in the country.

    Our team understands the needs of our customers. Our specially trained drivers and attendees make sure our disabled customers get dignified and personalised transportation for their daily healthcare needs. We’re proud to give reliable transportation for the elderly and disabled in the UK.

    Reach out to us today to learn more about our transportation services for the disabled.

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    We Have a Wide Range of Vehicles in Our Fleet

    Care Safe Mobility has many vehicles available to fit the needs of our patients. We’ll match you to the best vehicle for you to have a comfortable journey to your appointment and back home.

    All of our vehicles are equipped with cameras that live-stream and record your journey. This is not only to legally protect our company but for our customer’s safety.

    Our drivers and staff members are trained in medical support equipment, CPR, and first aid. We support our passengers in every way possible.

    WAVs are the ideal solution for long-distance, local, or non-emergency trips from your home to a health centre. Our vehicles are adapted so wheelchair users can travel as passengers without having to get out of their wheelchairs.

    Stretchers can easily fit into the back of our private ambulances. We use these vehicles for many purposes, for both emergency and non-emergency transportation. This is a great choice for disabled patients that are bedbound.

    How Our Process Works


    Get in Touch With Us

    You can contact our team by calling us at 0800 860 6707. You can also fill out our online form or download our mobile app.


    Detailed Risk Assessment

    Our trained team members will ask you a few questions about your unique and personalised requirements. For example, we’ll ask you about your accommodations, the type of building you live in, and its accessibility. This information enables us to offer you a customised, comfortable, and safe end-to-end service.


    Get to Your Destination

    The vehicle will arrive at your home with trained attendees. They’ll help you safely get into the car. Your journey will be live-streamed and monitored the entire time.

    What Our Users Say

    Care Safe Mobility Offers Convenient Transportation Services

    At Care Safe Mobility, we’re proud to be the UK’s leading private disability transportation company. We built our company to provide our disabled customers with safe and reliable transportation to their appointments. Our customers experience an enjoyable trip every time they enter one of our vehicles.

    Book a Vehicle for Your Next Medical Appointment

    Care Safe Mobility looks forward to assisting you with getting to your upcoming medical appointments. Contact us today to learn why we’re the top transport for the disabled in the UK.