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We’re a private ambulance company in Nottingham. Let us help you get the care you need. We offer private, non-emergency patient transport that can get you where you need to go, fast. 

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    If you are in need of assistance getting to and from your medical appointments, please contact Care Safe Mobility. We can give you your pricing information and get you on the schedule. 

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    Benefits of Private Ambulance Transportation in Nottingham

    There are multiple benefits to both patients and caregivers who can rely on private ambulance services in Nottingham. Let’s go over some of the primary benefits. 

    Unlike public emergency services that are typically reserved for life-threatening situations, private ambulances cater to non-emergency medical transportation needs. Patients requiring scheduled transfers to medical appointments, diagnostic tests, or specialized treatments can rely on private services for convenient and timely transportation. This accessibility is especially crucial for individuals with mobility challenges or those living in remote areas where public transport options may be limited.

    Our private ambulance vehicles are equipped with safety features to protect all riders. We also have comfortable seating and can secure wheelchairs in place so riders can enjoy peace of mind while traveling to their destination. 

    As a private chartered service, we are committed to you. All of our private ambulances in Nottingham show up on time to ensure you never miss an appointment or are off schedule. We are always punctual and account for traffic.

    Perhaps the biggest benefit is the convenience of knowing you have a pre-booked, pre-paid ride to your appointment. Our company is dedicated to medical transportation, meaning we give particular attention to the comfort and care of our customers. 

    Why Should You Ride With Care Safe Mobility?

    Trained Drivers

    All of our drivers are trained in first aid, CPR, and disease-specific care. This helps us cater to your specific needs in the event of an emergency.

    Medical Equipment Kept on Board

    All vehicles are loaded with essential medical equipment like oxygen, defibrillators, hand sanitiser, blankets, and more.  We guarantee a comfortable ambulance experience. 

    Wheelchair and Stretcher Accessible Vehicles

    We understand you may need assistance getting around Nottingham, depending on your health circumstances. Not to worry! We have both wheelchair and stretcher-accessible vehicles available to Nottingham residents. 

    Real-Time Monitoring and Security

    All vehicles in our fleet are GPS-tracked and have cameras that live stream and record the entire ride. This protects both the driver and the customer. 

    DBS Verified Staff

    Each member of our staff undergoes enhanced DBS checks. This ensures patient safety and security. 

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    How Our Private Ambulance in NOTTINGHAM Works


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    Make an enquiry to book a vehicle for your next medical appointment or discharge. 



    Our driver will pick you up at the agreed-upon location and time. 


    Travel in Comfort

    We will get you to your appointment on time and ensure you have a comfortable ride throughout. We have staff on hand to attend to your needs.


    Drop Off

    The trained driver will help you in and out of the vehicle. They will be there to return you to your home or next appointment. 

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