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Dedicated Transport for Dialysis and Chemotherapy Patients

Experience a stress-free journey to focus on your recovery. Your comfort is our priority.

A Helping Hand During Your Treatment

Undergoing dialysis or chemotherapy can be a demanding process. Many challenges may arise, even from the logistical aspects of attending appointments. The stress of transportation, traffic and parking can take a toll on your well-being.

Care Safe Mobility understands these unique challenges. That’s why we offer specialized dialysis and chemotherapy transportation services.

We provide comfortable, secure and reliable travel. We designed our services to ease the burden of transportation and allow you to focus on your health. Our compassionate drivers are here to help. They are expertly trained on the needs of dialysis and chemotherapy patients. We offer personalized care and support throughout the journey.

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A Personalized and Comforting Travel Experience

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We understand the unique challenges faced by dialysis and chemotherapy patients. Our drivers offer individualized care and attention. This ensures a supportive and nurturing experience.

Our chemotherapy transportation services ease the stress associated with travelling during treatment. This allows you to focus on your health and recovery.

We recognize the importance of punctuality for your appointments. Our commitment to prompt service guarantees that you always arrive on time.

Exceptional Services for Dialysis and Chemotherapy Patients

Trained Drivers

Our drivers receive thorough training in First Aid, CPR and disease-specific patient transportation. We provide the highest level of care for dialysis and chemotherapy patient transport.

Rigorous Background Checks

All our drivers and staff members undergo enhanced DBS checks. We do this to guarantee your safety and well-being during your journey.

Hygienic and Well-Maintained Vehicles

Cleanliness and hygiene are our top priorities. Our vehicles are always clean and equipped with essential medical supplies. These include oxygen, hand sanitizer, blankets and more.

Accommodating Various Mobility Needs

Our fleet includes wheelchair-accessible vehicles. This ensures all patients have a comfortable and hassle-free travel experience.

Enhanced Security and Monitoring

Our vehicles have live streaming and recording cameras. They also include GPS tracking and CCTV cameras. This ensures the greatest safety and legal protection during your journey.

How Our Transportation Services Operate



Call us today to schedule your ride. You can also contact us through our website and mobile app.



Our driver arrives on time at the designated pick-up point.


Supportive Trip

Travel to your chemotherapy appointment in a secure and compassionate environment. Our trained drivers will attend to your needs.



Our drivers will help you in and out of the vehicle for a smooth experience.


Pricing for Chemotherapy and Dialysis Transportation Services

We offer transportation for chemotherapy patients and dialysis patients at an affordable price. For pricing or to get a quote, please contact our customer service team today.

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